You lookin at me???

My people. How nice of you to come out to my page and visit me. I bet you never thought I would go this far. But before I get into too much detail, I would like to give shout out to my girl Evie. You always got my back even during those times when we had to deal with the broke pigeon head freaks. Ya'll know who ya are. Don't front. Anywayz, I also want to give a shout out to my boo Paul. Hey baby!! I miss you! Did you get my letter? Sean and Ant, ya'll is my heart for real. Stay sick. Sheenae you still on punishment? Just joshin ya. Miss me! Ade, my homeboy, i want my ring back! All them Andre's I went out with, thanks for lying to me, I learned who you really are. CHUCK thank you for all the fun times at parties. Keep throwin them! I would've been stuck without you. Denzel even though things between me and your cousin didn't workout doesen't mean me and you can't be friends right? Get with Yvonne quick! Joe I still won't sing your name to you so forget about it. Tai, you should stay fine and keep your friends off me. Jovon stop biting people you dog. Luz you know i will always love ya girl. From first grade and kindergarden. My honors class you are all like fam to me for the 3 years in front of us nad the 3 years behind us. And last but definitely not least, my group of dedicated sistas from NJIT, especially, Ashley, Colean, and Dee. If You NEED an Employee

I try to be as nice as possible. Don't I look friendly?


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