Orchard Friends School

A Place to Grow for Children with Unique Learning Styles

William S. Hallowell, Head of School

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What is Orchard Friends School?
Who do we serve?
What does the school offer?
What is our Philosophy?
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What is Orchard Friends School?

The Orchard Friends School is a lower school for children of average to above average intelligence who have language-based learning differences. Our goal is to educate each child according to their unique learning style so that they can return to a traditional classroom as quickly as possible and be successful in it.

As we work toward this goal, we seek to instill a life-long love of learning in students within a community that values and respects each individual in accordance with Friends' testimonies.

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Who do we serve?

OFS serves children who are average or above average in intelligence, but have language-processing and learning styles that make learning in the traditional classroom difficult.

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What does the School offer?

OFS offers excellence in its:

Program- The curriculum offers the basic subjects of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art. IN addition, we have an intensive lanuage arts and reading program and occupational therapy. The approach is multisensory and flexible tomeet each child's individual needs. Classes are small with a sutdent/teacher ratio of 4:1.

Staff- We have a team of creative and innovative teachers, language and occupational therapists, and other professionals who support and respect the individual and are committed to the growth of all aspects of each student.

Family- We exchange information with our students' fmailies to enhance their understanding of language-based learning differences (central auditory processing disorders, or CAPD), as well as our own understanding of each student.

Student Life- We foster a sense of community in which each student's unique intellectual, emotional, and spiritual gifts are nurtured in accordance with Quaker principles.

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What is our Philosophy?


Celebrating Children- At Orchard Friends School, we believe that each student is a "child of God" with the potential to respond to what George Fox, the founder of Quakerism, called the "inward teacher". Our program uses a multidimensional instructional approach in order to access each child's unique way of knowing, Every aspect of the curriculum is geared toward helping each child not only master skills, but experience the joy of successful learning.

Guiding Families- Parents/guardians and siblings are a child's first teachers. It is in the context of the family that a child's sense of themself and the value of education is instilled. At OFS, we listen to the family's insights and experiences. We provide supportive information and guidance to each family. We work with families in a cooperative spirit to build strategies for children to grow to their fullest potential. Participation and communication with each of our student's families makes them an integral part of the OFS community.

Community Outreach- At OFS, we are committed to providing information about language- based learning differences to the wider community. Through our outreach, OFS students, families and staff have opportunities to share their gifts and talents with the wider community.

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More about Learning Differences

Recognizing Language-Based Learning Difficulties
Late to talk
Limited Vocabulary
Short attention span
Poor motor skills
Difficulty remembering daily routines
Difficulty following directions
Difficulty with concepts of time, space, and sequencing
Short and/or long-term memory problems
Low self-esteem
Reading problems
Difficulty organizing thoughts
Difficulty with oral or written comprehension
Difficulty with oral or written self-expression


Learning Differences

Quaker Education

Friends Council on Education
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