Emikoís practice page

This is my new web page. Molly is, or was, reading over my shoulder. Weíre supposed to write a whole paragraph. Now Molly is making fun of me. She does that a lot. This is the end of the second week at Femme NJIT. ON Monday, we went up to MT Sinai hospital in NYC for a PowerPoint presentation. It wasnít too exciting, but it was better than hanging here all day. This morning, we had an activity period. Margaret and I played Field Hockey for almost an hour and a half. Tonight I have to babysit, but tomorrow I get to see Hema.

My web page is supposed to be abut the school that my mom is starting, Orchard Friends School. It will open in September and will serve children with language-based learning differences. She wants me to make a web page for her, but Iíve never done it before, so it probably wonít turn out very well. I need to get the things she wants on her page from her, but she is very slow at getting things together, so I donít know if it will actually happen.