November 20, 2000
The Associated Press 

"There's such pressure to get the returns quickly. You can run the punch cards through at a high rate of speed, print out the computerized report, assume it to be correct, and get the results broadcast on the 11 o'clock news." Rebecca Mercuri, authority on electronic voting tabulation. 


WHO in the United States voted using a punch-card system during the 2000 presidential election? 

WHAT are chads (seen in the above photograph)? WHAT problems has a punch-card system caused in the 2000 presidential election? WHAT are some other voting systems that people in the United States use? 

WHERE have the problems over punch-card system voting been focused in the 2000 presidential election? 

WHEN was a punch-card voting system first used? 

WHY do so many counties still use a punch-card voting system, despite its faults? 

HOW do you think the 2000 presidential election voting issues should be resolved? 

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