Educational Products & Seminars

Notable Software has been involved with the development of high-quality computer products since the early years of the microcomputer industry. Each of our packages, suitable for use by a wide range of age groups in a variety of settings, is the result of months of extensive experimentation, development and testing.
The Notable Software design team is comprised of multi-disciplined professionals with expertise in: Computer Science, Software and Electrical Engineering, Education, Human Factors, Systems Analysis, Microsystems Design, Technical Writing, Interactive Multimedia, Graphics Design, Animation and Computer Music. This combination of creative talents insures the broad appeal of our product line.

Notable Software products are currently being used by educators, professionals and students in schools, businesses and homes throughout the world. We are looking forward to adding your name to our rapidly growing list of satisfied customers.

In addition to the products and seminars listed here, Notable Software also provides custom programming, software documentation and training services. We offer educational seminars and lecture/demonstrations on a variety of computer-related topics through our training division, Knowledge Concepts. Please contact us if you would like further information.



These presentations are suitable for faculty in-service, school assemblies, computer club meetings, educational organizations, parent-teacher gatherings, arts symposia. The content and duration of these talks can be varied to suit a wide range of age groups and skill levels. Titles include:

For pricing and ordering information on any of the Notable Software products and seminars, phone 609/587-1886 or 215/327-7105. Mailing address is: P.O. Box 1166 - Dept. W, Philadelphia, PA 19105.