"Benbot," Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PA, inaugurated January 16, 1997.  This Internet chatbot of Benjamin Franklin is a part of the Futures Center Cyberzone exhibit.  The Notable Software team created an interactive conversation interface featuring over 800 Franklin quotations.

Talk to Ben at: http://moonmilk.com/ben

"Virtual Art Technologies and Therapies," American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, October 8 and 22, 1995.  This multimedia exhibit  was part of the museum's 125th anniversary celebration in a special session of "A Celebration of Science and World Music."  Rebecca Mercuri, Joseph Reilly and Sr. Jean Anthony Gileno used computer graphics and interactive musical performances to recreate a high-tech therapeutic environment.

"Fears," Strong Museum, Rochester, July 11- August 7, 1993.  This display  was a part of the "Perspectives, Proximities, Perceptions: Expressions in Three-Dimensional Graphic and Electronic Media" exhibit during Montage '93, Kodak's International Festival of the Image.  Pre-teens in a comics class  sketched their fears, which were digitized and processed into 3D graphics with sounds.  Collaborators on this project were Rebecca Mercuri, Ranjit Bhatnagar and Mike Mosher.

View Fears at: http://www.ylem.org/artists/mmosher/fears.html

"Cyberspace in Music Therapy," Cutting Edge Gallery, Franklin Institute Science Museum, Futures Center, November 5 - December 13, 1992. This multimedia exhibit included interactive workstations, 3D displays, a half-hour videotape, and lecture/demonstrations showing the integration of computer technology into clinical and community health settings. Major collaborators on this exhibit included Rebecca Mercuri, Ed Wagner (Franklin Institute), Sr. Jean Anthony Gileno (Immaculata College), Ranjit Bhatnagar, Mike Mosher (Community School of Music and Arts), Joseph  Reilly (Albert Einstein Medical Center), Gerald Marks (PullTime 3D), and Sam Provenzano (then with Ensoniq Corp.).

View the mural kiosk at: http://www.ylem.org/artists/mmosher/collabo.html