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The Knowledge Concepts division of Notable Software, Inc. has begun a new initiative in math understanding and learning, in order to increase the acquisition of insights in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines.

This is not new-age quackery, nor is this a franchise that sells
  tutoring services the way fast food chains sell hamburgers.

Our facilitators (all of whom have taught math and/or science in schools and colleges) work with individuals (preschool to postgraduate) to help:
  • Overcome problems with assignments and material mastery
  • Learn how to understand new information more easily
  • Enhance their ability to explain subjects to others
  • Create positive attitudes through participatory experiences
  • Prepare for standardized and classroom exams
  • Advance beyond the traditional curriculum
  • Tap into their natural math skills
  • Consider STEM careers
If you reside in or near Philadelphia or Central NJ, a facilitator can meet with you privately (typically at a local library) or in group sessions (great for home-schoolers).

For distance learners, we offer assistance through the Internet (via Skype).

Call 609/587-1886 or email us to set up a session.

       forgot math?

Returning students or adult learners seeking additional skills for today's
challenging job market can benefit from one-on-one refreshers.

We can also help you learn how to better assist your child with schoolwork.

Have a procrastinated Ph.D. or Ed.D. (in any subject, not just math or science)
that you'd like to complete? --> click here <--

Call 609/587-1886 or email us to set up a session.

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