Notable Software, Inc. -- History

Notable Software began its existence in Philadelphia on November 12, 1981.  Our first efforts involved the creation of a line of educational programs in the areas of music and history/geography. These early products, certified by Apple Computer, received favorable media attention and were used by teachers and schools world-wide. Notable Software recognized a general need for custom programming and formed a consortium with other independent VARs, system analysts, engineers and computer scientists in the mid-80's in order to provide consulting services to business, industry and government agencies. In 1987 we created our training division, Knowledge Concepts, which offers individual and classroom instruction in computer basics, productivity tools, programming languages and software engineering.

During Notable Software's second decade, we continued to develop interactive, computer-based multimedia systems.  Our interest in holistic uses of computers developed into collaborations with arts therapists and medical practitioners.  The company's expertise in these areas resulted in the creation of various museum exhibits, featured at the Franklin Institute Science Museum (Philadelphia, PA),  the American Museum of Natural History (New York, NY), and the Strong Museum (Rochester, NY).  Seminars on cybertherapies were presented in conjunction with Immaculata College (Immaculata, PA).

As the Web and Internet became more prominent during the later half of the 1990's, Notable Software provided custom design services and training in web creation and use.  We established our own web presence through Working with the New Jersey Institute of Technology's Senior Femme program and Penn State's Math Options program, we helped introduce middle school (7th - 9th grade) female students to the potential of computing.  Our materials were successfully used in computer camp settings, where girls could explore web design and other career options.

The expanded computer accessibility of the 1990's was not without its downside, as improper uses of computers also continued to grow.  Notable Software's concern about computer-related risks led us to develop forensic skills and write position papers on this subject.  Since 1998, we have provided expert witnesses for civil, criminal and municipal investigations, including examination of evidence, development of case briefs, presentation of depositions, trial and hearing statements, patent and copyright evaluations, and other legal issues involving computer technology.

In the year 2000, we moved our base of operations to New Jersey (while still retaining our Philadelphia Post Office Box address), and the company was incorporated.  The election controversy found us center stage, providing testimony for the Florida Presidential hearings.  Our advice on electronic balloting and vote tabulation as well as general computer security matters has been sought by numerous government agencies, such as the House of Representatives Science Committee, the Department of Justice, the Federal Election Commission, the National Institute of Standards and Technologies and the General Accounting Office in the United States, and in the United Kingdom by the Cabinet Office and members of Parliament.

During 2006 we began development of a forensic laboratory that has enabled our investigators to perform data recovery and analysis comparable to that of the FBI and State Police regional facilities. We are listed in the database of forensic providers to the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender. Our growing caseload has included high-profile and sensitive matters for plaintiffs and defendants, involving contraband, child endangerment, murder, computer viruses and malware, wrongful work termination, class-action suits, patent infringement, and election recounts. We continue to advise on state and federal legislative technology initiatives in the United States and abroad.

We anticipate that the growing need for forensic and computer security expertise will remain the primary focus of our attention in upcoming years.  Training will continue to be offered, via lectures, seminars and publications, with a number of books planned for future release.  Check our website periodically for updates on our activities.


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